Maui Peace Portrait, 2/16/2003

What an incredible event! Over 1500 people participated in the Maui Peace Portrait on February 16th, 2003, on the lawn at University of Hawaii Maui College. This was the largest peace gathering on Maui in anyone’s memory. We added our voices to the millions protesting worldwide against the preemptive invasion of Iraq, and our effort will continue to have impact as we spread this image around the globe. We ask your help in circulating this photograph as far and wide as we can around the world, through writing and mailing our Maui Peace Portrait Postcards.  Use them to send messages to our Congressmen, other policy makers and to your friends and family. Click here for ordering information.

Maui Peace Action sold out of the first printing of thousands of cards which were sent to the President, Congress, State officials, the UN and foreign governments, as well as to friends world-wide, in protest of the invasion of Iraq. Our second printing is still available and being distributed on a donations basis.  Click here for ordering information.